Night time fog

As our party approach the manor grounds they see two large, circular stone pillars marking the entrance to the grounds. These pillars have a loose chain link fence that surrounds the edge of the manor grounds, attached to smaller stone pillars. Two guards are standing by the gate.

"Halt who goes there"

The guars seem a little jumpy, and who could blame them, even outside the grounds the fog reduces vision and the only light is by torchlight. It would be an eerie scene even without the missing people. Taerinar speak up, "We were sent by the Mayor to investigate the missing guards and the manor".

"Thank the gods, I thought no one was going to come. We dare not lose anyone else in there, please be careful."

Taerinar asks the guards why they are standing around doing nothing while their allies are missing. The guard looks ashamed as he glances back and forth between the foggy void and Taerinar. "We live together, work together. Those men are my brothers. We clubbed together to buy these and were thinking of going in, but we are not stupid, we know this is bigger than us people have been going missing for years. We are under order to stop anyone else entering the grounds and being lost, that includes ourselves" The guard hands Taerinar 3 potions of cure serious wounds, something that on a guards salary in a small town could easily represent this mans life savings. "Please get them out, good luck."

The party turns to the void and steps through the gate. The fog is so thick it dampens even sound making everything silent. Blue lantern lights can be barely seen piercing the fog. From a distance they cant be made out but just look like small glowing orbs of blue energy. They line the path to the manor house as well as the path around its border. They should at least give some idea of direction but without them the party is lost in a grey soup of night time fog with barely any light. The torches the party carries emit enough light too see the immediate vicinity but the fog is so thick that visibility barely goes up to 30 feet.