Deet, Tae, Valeros and Mathias soon come across a 6 foot high hedgerow surrounding several trees. there is a gap in the hedgerow on the north side Over the top of the hedges they can just make out treetops in the fog. Going inside the hedges the trees are planted in a neat set of rows forming a small apple orchard. In the centre of the orchard there is a clearing with a couple of benches, a very large water tub and some basic gardening tools strewn about.

All four members of the party step forward creeping slowly into the orchard keeping their wits about them incase of any more disturbing shapes stepping out of the fog. Valeros and Tae get to the centre clearing first with Deet and Mathias 10 feet back. Tae and Valeros start looking around the clearing and Valeros spots a blue glow coming from the water tub. As Valeros moves a shovel aside with a thud Taerinar notices eyes in the trees watching them. With the sound of the thud more eyes appear, and then more and more and more. There is the sound of many small animals clicking and flapping winds and suddenly all 4 members of the party are surrounded by thousands of tiny bats biting and scratching at them. Valeros and Taerinar try to attack the swarm of bats but despite making contact with some small forms it makes no difference to the swam.

The party splits in two with Deet and Mathias trying to get clear. The bat swarm also splits in two with half of it following Deet and Mathias and half of it staying around Valeros and Taerinar. Valeros and Taerinar try frantically to repeatedly attack the bats which does nothing, there are so many beyond count that a sword or dagger is useless. Deet and Mathias backing away to the hedgerow offer the bats some food and try talking to calm the bats. This seems to have some effect. it is unlikely the bats understood their plea but at least they seem to have interpreted it as Deet and Mathias not being a threat. The handful of raisins from Mathias ration pack is quickly gobbled up. The bats still seem agitated and continue to fly around madly but have stopped biting for not.

Taerinar starts to feel nauseated by the constant bats and collapses to the floor heaving. He was already low health from the earlier conflicts and the bits of the bats are making cuts that refuse to stop bleeding. Between the blood loss, nausea and earlier damage Tae can barely stand. Never a man of thought and always a man of action Valeros grabs the blue glowy thing from the large water tub and with a massive heave he tips over the tub spilling its water on the floor. This tub is bathtub size, easily big enough to fit a man inside. Made of wood with a metal ring it is heavier than most men would be able to lift. In a feat of strength and balance Valeros grabs Taerinar holding him over his shoulder with one hand and with the other hand grabbing the tub and swinging it over their heads to provide some cover. He then makes a break for the gap in the hedgerow. The bats follow and still keep nipping at flesh but the tub does provide some cover. 10 feet from the hedge exit Valeros drops the tub unable to maintain his grip on both and breaks into a sprint.

Thankfully the bats do not follow outside the hedgerow and everyone can take a moment to breath. Mathias takes a few minutes to tend to everyone's cuts, applying bandages and pressure to stop the bleeding. Taerinar is hurt far more than the others and Deet uses her lay on hands to help heal some of his wounds. Finally the party start heading back towards the house planning to explore the bard next.