As our Taerinar, Valeros, Deet and Mathias make their way up the path they reach a fork in the road. One way snakes off to the south west and one to the north. They stand around for a few moments discussing which way to go. At this point all they can see is fog and the blue lights peeking through like stars in the night sky. It seems both paths are illuminated by the strange blue lanterns.

While this discussion is happening a small kobold staggers out of the fog. No one reacts immediately not sensing the threat but as it gets closer under the torch light the scale colour of the kobold starts to stand out. This Kobold is a dull black. The vibrant glossiness that would normally make a Kobold's scales shine is long since faded and the poor soul has no life in his eyes, this is a zombie Kobold. He is not fast but lunges at Valeros, his attacks bouncing harmlessly off Valeros' armour. Valeros quickly puts the poor Kobold out of his misery.

The sound of the minor battle seems to attract two large dogs, both of which stand a head above Deet. "Awww" says Mathias as they slowly emerge out of the fog before he realises that both of them have flesh hanging off and bones showing. These dogs also appear to have fallen to some sort of zombie curse. Lunging first at Deet as she looks up at them she quickly bats them away with her shield. These are far more vicious than the zombie Kobold lunging repeatedly at both Deet and Taerinar. Deet also douses these with holy water and after that they fall easily to Valeros' sword and Deet's frying pan.

Finally taking the time to inspect the body of the Kobold Taerinar finds yet another blue glowing disc in the poor creatures belt pouch. After a brief discussion the party decides to split up, a decision I'm sure will prove wise. Taerinar and Valeros take the south west path, Deet and Mathias take the north east path.