I've been coaching new players for a long time now. Mostly putting requests on the LearnDota2 Subreddit. My coaching focuses mostly on low MMR players, usually below 1k MMR with some exceptions. I started coaching because one day I went back and rewatched one of Purge's videos that I'd watched when I first started playing Dota. I was amazed at the amount of extra stuff I saw that I just couldn't take in the first time. Dota is a learning curve and you can't even see half the stuff high tier players are doing until you're well on your way up the curve. My goal is to get you up that first bit of the learning curve, to make sure your findementals like your hero mechanics, last hitting, map awareness and roles are all pretty solid.

You can't go from 1MMR to 7k MMR without going through every MMR in between. The problem is that if you learn how a 7k player should play you will sometimes still fail. A gank that would work in a 7k game will fail in 1k game because your excecution is not as precise and even if you do things perfectly you have to account for your team mates reacting differently, this game talks about that a little. So getting you over the 1k MMR hurdle will require different skills to getting you over the 3k hurdle and then the 5k hurdle. So my goal here is to progress everyone to above 1k. Hopefully you will watch my other videos and we might get you to over 2k. After that I'll pack you up and send you off to Purge school, probably starting with his Day 9 learns Dota series.

If you wan't coaching then head over to LearnDota on Reddit. I post request on there regularly for new students so its the best way to get included. If you would like live 1 to 1 coaching, either streamed or privately you can also message me through Reddit. You are welcome to use any of my social platforms to message me but I check reddit every day so its the best place to find me and the fastest way to get in touch. Don't message me through Twitch chat while I'm live though. It will most likely get lost.