The Macabre Mansion

Near the town of Sandpoint atop a seaside cliff lies an abandoned manor. The manor has been deserted for decades and those who have enterd have been befallen by terrible accidents. Falling into disrepair the manor was largely forgotten fading into folk tale and local legend, until people started seeing dark figures walking across the fields. Some brave souls went to investigate and were never heard from again.

Gorum's Colloseum

One day some of the gods were debating where different mortals fit into the universe in terms of power. This while remaining civil got quite heated until Gorum, god of battle proposed an idea. He would build a colosseum like none the universe had seen before. In it mortals would be tested in battle against other mortals. Some of the other Gods protested that battle prowess is not the only test of beings power. Gorum invited them to take up the challenge in his colosseum and prove it.

Green Tail's Grotto

Green Tail's grotto is an adventure based around a green dragon, masters of deception and subderfuge.

This is a completely original adventure I wrote. It follows a similar format of the beginners box, using fairly basic mechanics and introducing monsters that many will be familiar with. However this adventure takes things a little further throwing in a wider selection of monsters as well as my own addition, the Shambling Sprite which is a sapling version of the shambling mound, a fairly powerful plant based monster that was far too tough to include here.

Black Fang's dungeon

This is based on the original beginner's box adventure of the same name. I have tried to remain true to the original adventure with some minor changes that should allow the session to be repeated without solution being obvious.

This adventure contains a mix of combat, puzzle and social encounters and is fairly low difficulty.

The adventure starts as a small group of adventurers are sent by Mayor Kendra Deverin to investigate a beast that has been attacking livestock. 1000 gold has been offered as a reward. The beasxt has not been seen but has left several bloody corpses.

5th Session, Long break, character suicide and poisoned drinks

I am looking for some feedback on our 5th session. We are all new to Pathfinder and started by picking up the beginners box set. I'll add some direct questions at the end after recounting our session. For our 5th session this unfortunately got very broken, it got interrupted forcing us to break it into 2 halves and since our group had multiple house moves we were not able to play for several months. So we took some time after this to agree to a schedule rather than just playing when we can. So we now play on the first Sunday of each month.

The Hidden Beauty of the internet and it's language

The Internet gets a lot of flack for showing the darkest sides of human nature. It is very easy to think that the Internet is a negative influence on society and bend to all the negatives. To me the Internet has long been a beacon of the best of humanity. Although it can be said that the Internet reflects the collective psyche of humanity.

4th Session, New Blood

Our 4th session introduced a new player a Rogue called Mathias. (Reminder, I am a brand new GM who has never played and my players have never played either.) The player had never played DnD or Pathfinder and wanted to play a Dhampir since she liked the concept. Neither of us really knew how to play one though and at this point we have not expended past the beginners box set yet. I asked her to limit her character to something from the core rulebook so that there wouldn't be too much for us to look up. She chose a half-elf. It took us a few hours to make her character.

My first Experience of pathfinder (as a GM)

Hi Guys I've recently joined this subreddit (this was originally posed to reddit)  and been impressed. I wanted to share my experience of my first time GMing. but first a couple questions. I already shared my second so I thought I'd share this before it gets lost to the ages.

  1. Can you recommend some short quests/campaings/etc to run that follow on form the beginners box, I would be really surprised if someone hasnt already written one for all the stories the beginner box suggests, deeper into black fangs dungeon woudl be nice.
  2. Black fang was a baby, surely he has a mommy and a daddy dragon and they are pissed he was hurt. Does this encounter exist anywhere.
  3. Are there any tools to help build campaigns.

So here we go. none of us have played before. I grabbed a humble bundle last year. I am GM. None of us have even played before. We decided to move forward and skim the rules, so some stuff we made up as we went along in order to get things moving. I planned to go over mechanics more as we learn to correct things as we go, I am well aware I am missing a lot of stuff, I just wanted to keep things moving. Feel free to point out my mistakes though, that is partly what this thread is about. We had a Cleric, a Fighter and a Rogue. We are of course using the beginner box (digital version) so will be going into black fangs dungeon.

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