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5th Session, Long break, character suicide and poisoned drinks

I am looking for some feedback on our 5th session. We are all new to Pathfinder and started by picking up the beginners box set. I'll add some direct questions at the end after recounting our session. For our 5th session this unfortunately got very broken, it got interrupted forcing us to break it into 2 halves and since our group had multiple house moves we were not able to play for several months. So we took some time after this to agree to a schedule rather than just playing when we can. So we now play on the first Sunday of each month.

The Hidden Beauty of the internet and it's language

The Internet gets a lot of flack for showing the darkest sides of human nature. It is very easy to think that the Internet is a negative influence on society and bend to all the negatives. To me the Internet has long been a beacon of the best of humanity. Although it can be said that the Internet reflects the collective psyche of humanity.

Bit Blaster XL 75k Autofire World Record Speedrun 4:15

After suggesting a 75k category is added to I decided to set a competative time. After several runs I'm at what i think is a reasonable time. Certainly beatable. My 5k and 10k segment was slow


Bit Blaster XL 25k Autofire World Record Speedrun 2:08

So after 9 hours in this game, about 6 of which was experimenting with learnign and adding features to an auto splitter I just set the World Record at 2:08

This isn't gonna sound humble but on the is run I was just cruising since I noticed my 5k time was so much slower than PB. I didn't think a WR run would be possible but Rgnsus provides. I didnt even notice my times had dropped below PB until I was above 30k. And then had this holy shit moment where I had to stop recording and go double check what the WR was.


4th Session, New Blood

Our 4th session introduced a new player a Rogue called Mathias. (Reminder, I am a brand new GM who has never played and my players have never played either.) The player had never played DnD or Pathfinder and wanted to play a Dhampir since she liked the concept. Neither of us really knew how to play one though and at this point we have not expended past the beginners box set yet. I asked her to limit her character to something from the core rulebook so that there wouldn't be too much for us to look up. She chose a half-elf. It took us a few hours to make her character.

3rd Session in, Looking for feedback

Oringinally posted on Reddit here

So We just played our 3rd session ever. I wanted to share it, please feel free to correct me on rules issues or make sugestions. I know I'll be missing a lot. Brand new GM who has never been a player and 3 brand new players. I'm posting this for feedback and to learn.

2nd time as GM, tried to give freedom. Big Mistake

Oringinall posted to (Reddit here)

So I recently cracked open the beginners box with some friends. We ran through Black fang. That was a great game.

My first Experience of pathfinder (as a GM)

Hi Guys I've recently joined this subreddit (this was originally posed to reddit)  and been impressed. I wanted to share my experience of my first time GMing. but first a couple questions. I already shared my second so I thought I'd share this before it gets lost to the ages.

  1. Can you recommend some short quests/campaings/etc to run that follow on form the beginners box, I would be really surprised if someone hasnt already written one for all the stories the beginner box suggests, deeper into black fangs dungeon woudl be nice.
  2. Black fang was a baby, surely he has a mommy and a daddy dragon and they are pissed he was hurt. Does this encounter exist anywhere.
  3. Are there any tools to help build campaigns.

So here we go. none of us have played before. I grabbed a humble bundle last year. I am GM. None of us have even played before. We decided to move forward and skim the rules, so some stuff we made up as we went along in order to get things moving. I planned to go over mechanics more as we learn to correct things as we go, I am well aware I am missing a lot of stuff, I just wanted to keep things moving. Feel free to point out my mistakes though, that is partly what this thread is about. We had a Cleric, a Fighter and a Rogue. We are of course using the beginner box (digital version) so will be going into black fangs dungeon.

Youtubers Union Website Features Part 2

Here is a rundown of some new features for the website
Please visit the website feedback thread on the forum.


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