This is an early version draft, pages will be added as they are written, ordering and chapter structure may change but I've decided to make the draft available early for others to review.

This is the story of a group of 4 adventurers from the town of Sandpoint who go into a haunted manor house looking for a missing band of guards. It is a dark horror adventure with some very morbid and graphic themes.

If you are not scared of anything then read on.

This story is based on an extended version of "The Macabre Mansion". it tells the tale of my pathfinder group as they enter into this adventure. One of the members said I should write it down.

It should go without saying that this story will contain major spoilers for The Macabre Mansion for those intending to play either the shortened on stream version or the full length adventure. I will be using some spoiler tags. These are NOT for spoilers related to the adventure, this is so that the players featured in this story can read the story without spoilers for things that currently only other characters know. If you see the spoiler tag like this...


It means that's some info that the other characters don't know yet. As a reader who is not part of this game feel free to read them, you will already be reading spoilers for the adventure and theres no way to avoid that.