Deet and Mathias slowly trot along the north east path. Several times along the way Mathias keen ears hear something in the fog and occasionally they see a humanoid or canine figure wandering in the fog. Each time they stop and stand in silence waiting for the figure to pass.

Finally they come to a large dirt circle, which looks like a turning circle for carts and just beyond it the house appears out of the fog. As they approach the house they see the sides fo the house lit by the same blue flame torches that lit the path. The fog seems to avoid the house making visibility within 10 feet of the house completely clear. They take some time to take in the surroundings. There is a stable on the left side of the house and the path along the front of the house follows around the corner to the right.

The most strange sight is the door to the large manor house. It has 6 circular indentations, the same size of the blue discs they have already collected. There is already one blue disc in one of the slots. They offer up one of the blue discs to slots on the door and it snatches it out of Mathias' hand as it locks into place in one of the indentations. As it does so there is a blue wave of energy over the door. The door seems to be locked but Mathias cannot see a lock to pick.

Both Deet and Mathias agree that the smart thing to do is reunite with Valeros and Taerinar before proceeding since it may be dangerous in the manor house.