The party meet up at the fork in the path and together all head back to the manor house. They decide to look for the two missing blue discs before attempting to place them on the door. They make their way around the house to the right following the path that circles the manors perimeter. Along the east edge other house is a patio area with a small side door into the house. Opposite the side door is another path that leads deeper into the fog.

Valeros decides to try the door and gets hit by a blast of black energy causing him to take a step back. Angrily he pounds on the door with his fist again getting hit with a painful blast of black energy. Annoyed by this Valeros Knocks on the door aggressively three times, each time getting hit with a blast of black energy. Now panting and sweating and staggering a little Valeros takes a few steps back getting ready to charge down the door. The others seeing this all happen quickly get in Valeros way warning him of the danger of the door, it is clearly trapped by some kind of necrotic enchantment.

The four of them then continue on to the back of the house where there is another very similar patio with another very similar door. Valeros again tried the door, again being hit with a pulse of dark energy. Barely still on his feet Valeros reaches to again hammer on the door angrily but Mathias steps in and drags him away.

Reaching the back of the stables the party decide to loop back to the path that leads away from the first patio and leave exploring the stable for later.