Minor backstory, I'm a big fan of the Legend of Vox Machina as well as the critical role campaign beforehand. At time of writing I've watched the series multiple times. I saw some discussion on twitter about a drinking game for the show but a few Google searches didn't find any that satisfied so heres my own rules.

Settle down with your favourite drink, preferably aerated wine, but try not to make it too strong (unless you are a dwarf from Kraghammer) or you may end up rolling CON saves. If you have a good selection I recommend making a list of drinks and rolling a dice to select your next one. Rogues with the lucky feat may re-roll 3 separate time.

As per your typical TV show drinking game take a sip whenever....

  1. You see a dice hidden in the show.
  2. The party fails to open a door.
  3. Scanlan yells  "Scanlan's Hand"
  4. You see a Matt Mercer NPC, (Drink twice if another player spots it first).
  5. Percy Starts to smoke.
  6. Grog goes into a rage. (He doesn't need to say it, when he screams we assume hes raging)
  7. Grog belches
  8. Scanlan is naked, or with someone naked.
  9. Scanlan hits on Pike.
  10. Someone pets Trinket.
  11. Vex gets a funny feeling.
  12. When the party are drinking or suggest going to the tavern.
  13. Everytime any hand flips the bird.
  14. Keyleth talks to a plant.

Bonus rules fo fans of the original stream show (and players with resistance to poison)

  1. A comment directly lifted from the stream is mentioned, eg "I would like to rage", "Dagger, dagger, dagger"
  2. There's an easter egg in the scene not relevant to the story. eg The book from campaign 2.
  3. Someone played by a cast members kid dies.

Please drink responsibly. Personally I drink penty of water and don't drink on an empty stomach.