Mathias, a huge lover of animal, has a grin on his face as they approach the stables, perhaps hoping to see some horses. Well he got his wish but much like the other life on these cursed grounds these horses had passed on long ago but unfortunately were still walking around. What is it about being undead that drives a creature to crave flesh? Kobolds, dogs, humans that's understandable since they all eat meat, but horses. As the party steps up to the stable they are charged by 3 fairly large and imposing horses, all with flesh hanging off them in various stages of decay.

The stable is split into 6 bays, 3 on either side with an entrance open at each end wide enough to roll a medium size cart through the stable. Unfortunately the 3 horses blocked the closest entrance. Taerinar spotting a blue glow in one of the bays takes off running without a word while the other three engage the horses, easy right.

Deet and Valeros trade blows with the horses as the horses kick out with their hooves and slam their massive heads into Deet, Mathias and Valeros. Mathias always eager to make a new animal friend seems to overlook the fact that these horses passed on some time ago. First he tries offering one of the horses some rations and when that fails he tries to jump on the back of the horse. He is successful in mounting the horse but fails to hold on and falls on the ground inside one of the bays, with the horse blocking the exit. He tried again to mount the horse, again succeeding but quickly being thrown off, this time ending up on the floor under the horse and narrowly avoiding being trampled. He manages to roll out from under the horse but unfortunately ended up on the wrong side again stuck in the bay between the horse and the exit.

Meanwhile Taerinar sprints all the way around the barn, runs in behind the horses and grabs the glowing blue disc. He then leaves the stable by the back exit, sprints around the stable and rejoins the party at the front of the stable. "Guys I have the gem we can leave" he says as he watches Mathias repeatedly attempting to mount a dead horse. He backs of 15 feet away from the battle, close enough to assist if needed but far enough that he's safe, he's still badly injured and in no condition to fight. He looks on in frustrated confusion at Mathias attempts to befriend the undead as Deet and Valeros subdue the horses.

Finally the horses defeated the party takes a short break to catch their breath before heading off to try the blue discs in the front door.