Our party consists of 4 members at this point, well 5 if you count Bacon. The 4 party members are Deet, Taerinar, Mathias and Valeros.

DeetDeet the Paladin of Picopiri

Deet is a paladin of Picopiri, specifically an oath of vengeance Paladin. Deet's player is a big fan of the dark Crystal, the character and name was inspired by that world. She is certainly not a copy just takes inspiration. Deet's characterisation is bases a little on the Dark Crystals's podling race but the race itself for the sake of not homebrewing rules too much is a forest Gnome with minor changes for the sake of flavour, for example her people live in the caves below forests of giant mushrooms. Deet's entire village was wiped out. At the time Deet's family had locked her in a closet to protect her. She survived but the village was empty afterwards. Deet swore an oath to avenge her people and find travels in the hope of both finding some clues or someday finding some of her people.

Deet met the party when she had bitten off a little more than she could chew and was slowly being digested by a large carnivorous plant, something akin to Audrey 2 from little shop of horrors but smaller and more ooze. The party managed to save Deet and as it seemed that their main motivations lead to exploring Deet decided to travel with them and help them since it also aligned with her goals of exploring. Deet struggles with common, regularly reverting to her native tongue when excited or scared.

Deet is naive and inexperienced often struggling to understand people and their behaviours. She knows nothing of love just travel and loneliness until she met the party a couple of weeks ago.

Deet wears heavy armour and carries a frying pan as a weapon.


TaerinarTaerinar Fango of Shadow Dragonslayer of Sandpoint

Taerinar, or simply Tae to his friends, is a rogue loosely inspired by the World of Warcraft character Taerinar, Fang of Goldrinn. This Taerinar is an elf whose parents abandoned him when he was young. Tae was a basic character intended for a taster session who stuck around longer than intended due to him forming a strong in game friendship with Valeros. He's a friendly Elf although a bit dramatic and eccentric. He can also be generous at times and thinks nothing of entering a tavern and asking for the most expensive drink in the house, then buying the bottle and sharing it with his friends. Perhaps this explains why he is also a very poor rogue.

Taerinar seems to have little regard for his own life. In one particular situation where he was injured and barely conscious he used the last of his strength to jab at the monster standing over him. After which he passed out. His allies are yet to discover if he acts with complete disregard for his own life or with complete faith that his allies will save him.

Taerinar wears light armour and carries several daggers as weapons as well as a mythril dagger which has a spring mechanism to extend the blade to form a short sword.

MathiasMathias Green

Mathias Green is a half elven rogue with a love of nature and small things. He was abandoned to an orphanage after years of drunken beatings. He made some good friends there but the orphanage was unfortunately not a place of safety. Mathias resorted to sealing as a way to survive when leaving the orphanage at 15.

He will go out of his way, even risking personal danger to try, and resolve hostile encounters with woodland beasties without bloodshed. Mathias has show over time to have quite an way with animals, his persistence and patience giving him a connection to animals that foes far beyond merely caring for them. To pick just a few examples Mathias has offered food to a rat who was attacking him and spent time to soothe an aggressive dog, both of which turned out to really be scared of him given that they were cornered.

Mathias is a little cold and awkward around people often speaking strangely not seeming to understand social norms or sometimes being unintentionally rude.

Mathias wears light armour and favours a rapier.


Valeros was originally based on the Pathfinder 1e iconic character Valeros that is bundled with the beginners box. The player made some changes to his character and backstory but he remains a fighter with many parallels to the original.

Most notably is that Valeros does not like being smart. Those with an astute eye will notice the keen mind behind Valeros in his actions but his manner is of someone of far more common intelligence, even playing dumb much of the time. Valeros did eventually get his wish falling foul of a curse that would drain his intelligence to the point of him being brain dead. A ritual managed to free Valeros of this curse but at a cost, Valeros was now actually far dumber than he was now having an INT of 8. By no means the dumbest person you would meet but certainly below the pervious 13.

Valeros had his first barbarians rage when a green dragon struck down Taerinar. Valeros threw himself between the dragon and his critically wounded friend managing to deal some serious blows to the dragon causing it to flee. A few last hits by the party as the dragon retreated managed to bring it down. "No one messes with my Tae".

Valeros wears medium armour and favours his enchanted dragon bane long sword.

BaconBacon the Pig

Bacon is Deet's pig, he doubles as a beast of Burden for Deet and is fitted with a saddle and saddle bags. Deet's small size and heavy equipment make it hard for her to get around with the travel gear she needs. Bacon not only solves that problem but provides some much needed companionship. Bacon isn't simply a work pig for Deet, she loves Bacon completely. Sadly Bacon's name comes from Deet's favourite food, bacon. Deet has no idea where bacon comes from. The food bacon is pink and Deet loves it so she thought it a great idea to name the pink friends she love Bacon. Those who have noticed this hope that Deet never finds out, but none have been cruel enough to tell her yet.

Bacon wears no armour and prefers to run away from a fight.