Near the town of Sandpoint lies a manor house atop a seaside cliff. It has been abandoned for many years and has slowly fallen into a state of disrepair. No one seems willing to take over care of the mansion as anyone who has done so has gone missing or been befallen by accidents. For decades the mansion stood ignored as part of local legend. Recently there have been some ghostly figures seen on the fields around the manor and soon after people started going missing. The disappearances include a merchant whose cart was found at the side of the road passing by the mansion. The fresh meats in the cart had gone rotten yet the merchants lockbox of gold was still intact untouched by thieves.

Fearing something terrible Kendra Devin, the town Mayor, send a troop of 4 guards to investigate the manor. That was 3 days ago and they have not returned or been heard from. The mayor has posted guards on the border of the manors lands but all the guards are refusing to go closer. The guards commander is out of town dealing with a matter in the nearby city of Magnimar and wanting this dealt with quickly the mayor is pleading with local adventures and mercenaries for help.

Having helped out the town with several emergencies by this point, Deet, Taerinar, Valeros and Mathias volunteer to check out the haunted mansion nearby and find the fate of the missing guards. Fearing that the longer they wait the less likely they are to find anyone alive they set out almost immediately that day. It is already late in the day as the sun is just dropping over the horizon and no moon fills the sky. As the sun goes down the night is completely black in the absence of torchlight.