Negan was an Ogre Magi who was born in a village deep in the snowy tops of the Mindspin mountains. Amongst ogres magi were rare. Born with significant intelligence and magical ability they are often revered, or feared amongst their own people. In either case they are for the most part respected, finding themselves in positions of importance or power in ogre society. Negan however was unusual even for an ogre magi. He was born as a strangely deformed conjoined twin. Negan had two heads, and of course two minds and a 3rd arm.

His people not knowing what this was thought it was some curse by the gods. They assumed Negan was one cursed creature, not two beings trapped in a single body, as so they named him Negan, one name for what was to them one creature. Both heads had full control of the body, if one head is asleep the other can move around and vice versa. The left head had an arm that only he controlled, on the left side, but otherwise both heads had full control of everything below the neck.

Negan's people discussed euthanising the strange child arguing that it would bring suffering to the village but Negan was allowed to live. As he grew older their ability to coordinate gave them significant martial prowess, favouring great swords and of course like all magi Negan had a gift for spells. A gift that far exceeded most others of his kinds. This didn't seem to matter though to his people. For years Negan was abused, insulted, spat on and generally made an outcast amongst his own people.

Negan tried for years, continually working harder and harder to win the respect of his people. After winning a friendly dueling competition amongst the magi and being denied the prize "because it should go to a real magi" Negan finally gave up. He left his people, travelling around the Mindspin mountains for months before he found somewhere to settle.

Negan found a clearing against the mountainside. It seemed completely unused and isolated but was only half a mile from the nearest road and not too far from the river and nearby cities if he ever needed supplies. He spend some time here building a rudimentary wooden shack, fairly large of course since Negan was over 10ft tall but fairly basic. He built a fire pit in the middle of the clearing, cut channels to funnel rainwater and made a few small comforts like desks and chairs.

Happy in his new home he noticed that the process of him trampling back and forth, between his home and the main road, was forming a small path. He decided to stake a sign into the ground. He didn't speak much common but he decided it was the best language he could use, the sign read "Dis rode belong Negan".