A week after the unfortunate encounter a small band of adventurers came across the bodies of the two dwarves. This was a mixed group, two humans, an elf and a dwarf. They had been sent looking for the missing explorers after they didn't check in. Finding the partially decomposed bodies they easily tracked Negan back to his home.

This group expecting a fight crept up to Negan's home quietly. The dwarf being the most hardy of the two approached the door as the humans flanked either side. The elf hanging back a little drawing his bow. "Get out here" the dwarf demanded hammering hard on the door.

This time, fearing trouble Negan grabbed his mageblade and two other great swords he hadn't had the time to enchant yet. Wielding now 3 greatsword sized appropriately for someone so huge Negan stood at his door ready to fight for his life. "Dis home belong Negan, leave me alone". Negan shouted through the door.

The dwarf demanded that he come out, offering to make his retribution swift if Negan did not cause a fuss. There was obvious rage in his voice at the recently slain dwarves. Negan responded "Leave Negan alone". The dwarf after a short wait, ignored Negan's pleas and started hammering on the door.

The door was not made as a fortification and did not stand up to much hammering before it finally collapsed inward. Negan fearing for his life slashed at the dwarf with all 3 of his greatswords. The dwarf fell quickly but Negan was still cornered. as the elf let an arrow fly through the door embedding in Negan's shoulder Negan charged him. The two humans now surrounded him. Negan tried to turn invisible and flee but the elf dispelled him magic forcing him to fight.

Now Negan did not want to fight, but that does not mean he was not capable, he was gifted with both the greatswords and with magic and he quickly dispatched the group.

Now Negan had a problem, how to keep people away. In his home village the people put enemy heads on spikes to warn off potential invaders. Negan tried this. Making 6 wooden spikes he placed the heads of all 6 of his visitors on spikes next to the sign which read "Dis Rode Belong Negan". Happy that this would deter any future invaders he went back to his peaceful life, taking a little time to make a much more sturdy door.