Bit Blaster XL 25k Autofire World Record Speedrun 2:08

So after 9 hours in this game, about 6 of which was experimenting with learnign and adding features to an auto splitter I just set the World Record at 2:08

This isn't gonna sound humble but on the is run I was just cruising since I noticed my 5k time was so much slower than PB. I didn't think a WR run would be possible but Rgnsus provides. I didnt even notice my times had dropped below PB until I was above 30k. And then had this holy shit moment where I had to stop recording and go double check what the WR was.

Previous WR was Taziro at 2:16

Based on my 5k split time I woulf think that a sub 2 min run is possible but probably needs some amazing rng.

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