Dota 2 All their jungle belongs to me BigMonD Plays Dark Willow (Stream)

This game started great for everyone else but terrible for both teams offlaners. I played a position 5 Dark willow this game and we had a roaming Pudge.


Dota 2 No added salt, BigMonD plays Dark Willow (stream)

This was one of the most beautiful games ever. This was a low salt game. Games like do exist. You too can get friendly team mates. I felt sorry for the enemy team, this was painful to watch but I had to upload it to show everyone that a 5 man friendly team can happen. I was laning with a pangolir and it was an absolute pleasure.


Dota 2 Do Bears Sit in the Woods. BigMonD Plays Treant Protector vs Ursa (Stream)

Its so good to have a team who work together to counter a strong hero. This game I played Treant protector, I have been spamming him a lot recently. We were playing against an Ursa who got a great lead on us. You know the saying, Don't feed the Bear. Well we did. Dota 2 isnt often forgiving when you feed the bear


Dota 2 Fail of the Week, BigMonD Plays Dark Willow (Stream)

This was a rough game all the way through but there is one major fail I made that really stands out. I could have submitted it to DotaCinema's Fails of the Week series. It was a sad moment.


Dota 2 Tinker Mr Nimble Finger, BigMonD Plays Lina Suport (stream)

Recently I had played against a lot of Tinkers so to get a good one on my team was an absolute pleasure. i playe dLina support this game. It takes some practice since her stun kinda needs a setup but once you are used to the delay on her stun shes a great support with teh move speed to get out of trouble and the damage to farm and kill amazingly well.


Dota 2 1.5k MMR Replay Coaching Anti Mage, Reddit request KrypticDefiler

I picked this game because it shows 2 things really well, firstly its a great game to discuss how to counter an Axe, which is something low level players struggle with and he does get spammed a lot. The second thing is it demonstrates in a very obvious way how much of a big impact on farm a cheap item gotten early can be. In this game it appears to put the Anti Mage's farm back by around 10 min by simply not getting a quelling blade as a first item.


Dota 2 Afraid of the Shadow, BigMonD plays Dark Willow

This game I played Dark Willow mid vs a Shadow Fiend, a lane I should lose. I've had some success against SF in the past but not every game can be an easy lane.


Dota 2 1K MMR Replay Coaching Death Prophet, Reddit Request AudunLEO

This game was a Death Prophet game requested by AudunLEO on Reddit. His lane started with and Enchantess Dual Lane vs a solo Phantom Assassin.
This was a fantastic example to discuss when to time going for kills and getting favourable trades. Something I have wanted to demonstrate for a while.


Dota 2 Regen is for Noobs BigMonD Plays Phoenix

Disclaimer, in low skill or if they don't have good harass then you can get away with skipping regen on Phoenix. In games vs higher level players you wil need regen. I find with Phoenix around 3k MMR is the point you start needing regen. This was one of those beautiful faceless void Supernova games. Its so beautiful, if you can pull it off.


Dota 2 Longest GemTD yet, can we kill Golden Roshan

This game can be infuriation, theres some luck in it. This run I wanted to start over after a poor start but ti turned out being one of the best runs I've had. Gem TD can be really hard and you get screwed by rng a lot of the time. Roshan will laugh at you if you havent got the right to wers to spawn. Infact most of the bosses will laugh at you if you havent got the right towers to spawn before they arrive.



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